Hello lovelies ! Today I’m gonna share with you some pictures I took this month. It has been very difficult to take photos because of the very bad lighting. We’re having a very grey and raining Spring here !

Anyway, without further ado, here are the photos !


That’s it ! I am pretty happy with my pictures this month, to be honest ! 









Hello lovelies ! I haven’t been blogging a lot lately, I know. But hopefully I’ll get back to my usual pace soon !
Anyway, today I want to share with you some of my bookstagram’s pictures, that I took last month ! It was difficult to take photos because of the weather. everytime I got a day off, it was either cloudy or raining… Seriously, it’s maddening !


That’s it ! To be honest, I’m pretty happy with these pictures ! I need to make a post about something that has been bothering the whole instagram community for months now : the algorithm ! But that’s for another time haha !

Talk to you soon !









Hello lovelies ! How are you ? Today I’m here to share the photos I took in March for my bookstagram account and that I like the most !




That’s it ! I hope you liked this post ! I didn’t post that many photos this month. Lately I have a hard time keeping up with my bookstagram account and my blog… I need to find a way to manage everything !!



Hello lovelies ! How are you ? I know I’m not posting as regurlarly as I used to but I’m trying my best to keep a good postng schedule. I just need to reorganize my life hahaha.

Witout further ado, here are some pictures I took in February for my bookstagram account !

As I said before, in February I kind of stayed away from all the bookish things I usually enjoy : reading, blogging and taking photos. But I still took a lot of pictures and these are my favorite !

I hope you enjoyed it !



Hello lovelies ! Let me show you some of my bokstagram pictures for the month of January !


I posted much more regularly this month ! And I took more time to take pictures that I could be “proud” of.

I hope you enjoyed this post !




Hello lovelies ! Here are some of my favorite shots from December. I posted way less than usually because of what happened. My mind was elsewhere. It still is, to be honest and I don’t think things will ever be the same. Anyway, here are some photos I took this month  !


That’s it !  I hope you liked it ! I hope to be able to share more pictures with you next month !






Hello lovelies ! I know November is not over yet but I want to share my favorite pictures for this month. I took even photos than in October because well let’s say my mind is elsewhere. And to be honest, it will be that way for some months.

Anyway, here are my favorite pictures !


That’s it ! I hope you like it !




Hello lovelies ! Today I want to share with you my favorite shots of the month.

I posted way less photos this month and also blogged less. The reason is simple enough : this month I traveled twice, my best friend was here before leaving for a long journey,  so yeah it let me very few moments for reading, blogging and bookstagramming !

Anyway, it was a wonderful month nonetheless haha !









bookstagramHello lovelies ! I’m here to share with you some photos I took in September. Fall is finally upon us (sort of) so it can finally be seen on my pictures !


I know I know it’s a very quick post, but I had some issues concerning my home and I left for the week end but now I’m back in the game so you can expect more posts coming this week !







Hello lovelies ! I’m back with my new category here, aka bookstagram ! Today I wanna share with you guys some tips I’ve learned since I started my bookstagram account years ago.

But first of all, disclaimer : I am for from being a big account nor a professional photographer so this post is based on my experience only !

the background

First of all, the background ! I’m gonna talk about what I personally like, and I know I’m not the only one. But bright and light background is better. Of course, I also know accounts, beautiful ones, with dark backgrounds but honestly bright and light photos are more loved.
And it’s easy to understand why ! Bringing light to a photo is very important and somehow gives life to it !

You can also use textured background of course ! it brings depth to your photo and alternating between different backgrounds is important to me. I like it when a feed has an identity but also a diversity when it comes to backgrounds or accessories.

I noticed I got more likes when I started using two big white sheets of thick paper as a background. Sometimes I add scarves or plaids and make a contrast between the white part and the textured part.

the lighting

Another important thing is the lighting. For that one I am still depending on the weather. For the natural light it’s important you observe the best moment during the day to take your photos : enough light but not enough to create shadows on your shot.

During my days off, I dedicate the end of the morning to my photoshoots. That’s when the light is enough to have a bright photo. And there are fewer shadows. I will probably buy some soft box later this year so I can take photos whenever I want !
Of course you can modify your photos thanks to softwares but it’s easier when the lighting is good on the initial shot !

That’s it for today ! I hope you liked that post ! I know it’s quite different from what I’m usually posting but I really enjoyed writing that one !