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Hello lovelies ! It has been a long time since I made a discussion post. Today I wanna talk about the change of main character in a series.

I am currently reading Dark Triumph by Robin Lafevers. It’s the second book in His Fair Assassin. The first book, Grave Mercy was taking place around Ismae. The book follows her on a very important mission regarding Gavriel Duval. But the second book follows Sybella, another girl trained at the convent. She crossed path with Ismae in the previous book, though. It’s the first time I read a fantasy series with a change of main character !

I am used to this change of MC in contemporary/romance series. Usually I don’t mind it, in the contemporary or romance books. It allows the writer to publish a whole series, to stay in a world they have built. Because let’s be honest, a whole romance series around the same MC, it’s pretty rare. I only have the After series in mind. Or maybe it happens when there are a lot of MC, such as in The Islanders series.

But to be honest, I find it rather disturbing in a fantasy series. I get it, His Fair Assassin is not a trilogy but rather companion novels. But I feel like we don’t get to really get attached to the characters. It’s easier when it’s a contemporary series because it’s easier to identify yourself to said character or to a situation. Moreover, we always know a lot about their feelings haha !
So I really prefer it the old fashioned way : a fantasy series with the same MC posse !

What about you, what’s your opinion on the matter ?




Let's talkHello everyone ! It has been a long time since I posted a discussion post, I know ! And here I come back, with a way too seen topic. I know, I know. But lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the pros and cons of the different forms of a book.

Let’s start with the ones I own the most : the paperbacks. I love them because they’re pretty, not too heavy and they’re cheaper than their big brothers. But they get damaged pretty easily… And that’s an issue.

The hardbacks now. I really love my hardbacks. They are so gorgeous on my shelves ! They’re a bit pricey but they’re worth it ! It’s just that they’re really heavy so it can’t be difficult to read them, you know ? You’ve got to find a suitable position so your arms are not hurting from holding it.

Now for the e books. I own a kindle but I’m not a huge fan of e books. The reason is simple : I’m a book hoarder and I can’t put my e books on my shelves and that’s SO frustrating ! But  have to admit that it can be practical : when traveling you don’t have to suffer from a back pain because you’re bringing too many books ! (or, other case, you don’t have to bring an extra suitcase JUST for your books !). And they’re way cheaper ! Let’s be honest, I bought some e books I wasn’t sure I would like. And, most of the time, when I love an e book, I always end up buying a physical copy of it !

In the end, I find all these different kind of books convenient in their own ways ! What about you, are you more hardbacks, paperbacks or e books ?


let's talk about netgalley

Hello lovelies ! It has been a while since I last posted a discussion post, right ? Today I want to talk about Netgalley.

Netgalley is a website where book reviewers can read books before their official releases. They are usually called ARCs (for Advanced Reader Copies) or galleys.

Until a few weeks ago, I haven’t been interested in this website. Why ? Because you have a time limit to read these books. And I really don’t enjoy reading with a deadline. It’s feeling pressure over something that has always been a pleasure.

I think blogging is already enough pressure in itself haha ! I know you know what I mean !

Moreover, I am contacted via my blog or my bookstagram account so no need for another way, right ?

But lately, I’m changing my mind. I mean, I still don’t like feeling pressured while reading. But I now think that Netgalley can be really useful. It’s useful to us, bloggers, but also to publishing houses. It’s easier for them to contact book reviewers.

And it puts in light books that I wouldn’t have heard otherwise so that a plus !
But now that I have an account, I am struggling with it haha ! It’s not that easy to use !

That’s it ! What are your thoughts ? Do you use Netgalley ? Do you like it ? Any advice ?



Hello lovelies ! It’s has been a while since I wrote a discussion post ! Today I want to talk about fanfictions !

Many years ago I was a big fan of fanfictions. I was a member of a forum, and a very active member of the fan fiction section. I was writing and reading.
I was also often visiting fanfiction.net, a pretty famous fan fiction website.

But it was years ago. Up until a few months ago, I was afraid of reading fanfictions turned into actual books. It was more developed than I thought possible… Fifty Shades Of Grey, After, and many more.
I always refused to read any. I don’t really know why but I got this stupid idea stupid in my mind that a fanfiction couldn’t be a good book. A fanfiction can be great, but it’s still written by people that aren’t necessary writers. In my head, a fanfiction published as a book couldn’t be good. It’s probably because Fifty Shades Of Grey was heavily criticized for its writing style (and its content, but this post isn’t about it haha)

A few months ago I went to a signing event in Marseille, to meet Colleen Hoover. Anna Todd was there. And I talked with people who adored her books. I also learned that a big Romance festival would take place near my city, and Anna Todd would be here once again.
I decided I would read as many books from authors attending than I could. Hence I picked After. Of course it has its flaws, but I was really surprised by how addicting it was ! I was hooked.
I changed my mind about fanfictions.  There are good and bad fanfictions, as much as there are good and bad books.


What do you think of fanfictions ? Do you like them ? Have you read a book that used to be a fanfiction ??


let's talk bloglovin

Hello lovelies ! It has been a while since my last discussion post ! Today I want to talk about the use of Bloglovin’ !

What is bloglovin’ ? It’s a platform where you can follow blogs. So far, it’s the same thing as the wordpress reader. But it’s better ! Why ? Because you can follow blogs from all the platforms. Which I found handy because I follow blogs from different platforms and  it was more convenient than the reader.
And it also gives more visibility to your blog.

I signed up a few months ago and tried to use it as best as I could ! But after a few weeks I gave up, I think. I wasn’t really using it to read posts from said blogs. And I was kind of annoyed by seeing the same posts on my reader on wordpress and on bloglovin…

But lately I’ve decided to give it another try. Maybe I wasn’t using it properly, who knows ?

Are you using it ? Do you have any tips ?


Here is mine : Bloglovin’


let's talk bookish pet peevesHello everyone ! How was your week end ? Mine was and still is pretty hectic ! But I’m lucky because I’m not working until wednesday haha !

Today I want to talk about my bookish pet peeves, and also learn about yours ! I am almost “maniac” when it comes to my book. I want them to stay as pristine as possible ! And let’s face it, it’s almost an impossible mission !

Here are the things that annoy me the most

Broken spines

broken spine

After all the troubles you went through to avoid it, it’s finally here. The ugly broken spine.
I freaking HATE it. But sometimes it’s not possible to avoid it, even though you take great care of not opening the book too much !
Seriously, it makes me want to buy another copy of said book haha ! But my bank account wouldn’t agree !

When the plastic peels off

peeling off plastic

Okay I know I’m not the only with this problem ! I don’t know if that’s because I have sweaty hands or if it’s for another reason but on some books, the plastic on the cover starts to peel off …And that’s ugly and I hate it !

On the book featured on the photo, I tried to “repair” it thanks to the hair straightener technique. It works most of the time (even thoug you can sometimes still see what I would call aftermaths, but they are discreet.)


Sun burns

sun burn

Well at least that’s how I call it. I have a big row of books right under my window.
And I just recently noticed that the top of the pages were yellowish… Thanks sun, really.
It’s not pretty at all but it’s not as visible as a book spine when displayed on my shelf ! I’m trying to protect my books, but I won’t put a fabric or something else on top of it, right ?!


A mismatched series

mismatched collection

Yep. I’m sure it also annoys you, right ?
Now I’m really cautious when I’m ordering a book. I look very carefully to the publisher, and if I have to wait a whole year to get the right paperback version of a book, then I will. Yeah I’m looking at you Queen Of Shadows and The Raven King !



And that’s it ! I hope you enjoyed this post !
What about you ? What are your bookish pet peeves ?



let's talk about blurbsHello everyone ! How was your week end ? Mine has been pretty busy ! Anyway !

Today I want to talk about the blurb. Or summary. Or synopsis. I don’t really know how to call it. I often buy books without having read the whole blurb. Why, you might ask. Well, I found them full of spoilers, most of the time. Not major ones, of course. But about some events or issues we aren’t supposed to know about when starting the book. Things that happen a few chapters later. And it really bothers me !
So, usually I read the first sentences of the blurb, and that’s all. It’s enough to know what the book is about, and avoid any spoiler.

I also prefer when readers talk about the book (via booktube or bookblogs) because I find that they’re doing better summaries than the blurb itself.

In my opinion, it’s the best way to learn things about a book you didn’t know about ! They go straight to the point, and avoid spoilers ! (of course, I don’t stay for the whole review haha)

How do you do ? Do you read the synopsis, or avoid it ?