Hello lovelies ! It’s time for the second part of my shameful December book haul. Today I’m gonna show you my SLPJ book haul. Which means, all these books are written in French ! You can find the first part of my haul here !

Let’s start, shall we ?

  • L’Héritage Des Rois Passeurs by Manon Fargetton. I read it on my kindle back in Summer and absolutely LOVED it ! I had to buy a physical copy !
  • Les Epées de Glace by Olivier Gay. I got that one for my father as a Christmas gift.
  • La Main De L’Empereur by Olivier gay.
  • Marie Et Bronia by Natacha Henry. This one is an impulse buy, I hope to read it soon !
  • Le Pacte d’Emma by Nine Gorman, a French booktuber. I read it and really liked it !
  • Les Illusions De Sav-Loar by Manon Fargetton. That one I really can’t wait to read !
  • Le Cycle Des Démons by Peter V. Brett, or The Warded Man, the first book in the Demon Cycle ! That one I got for free !

That’s it ! Stay tuned for the third and final part of this gigantic haul !




Abstract triangle pattern background - modern vector mosaic graphic from multicolored regular trianglesHello lovelies ! At the beginning of last month I went to a bookish fair. It’s called Le Salon Du Livre Et De La Presse Jeunesse. I went with a friend and one of her friends, but I also met amazing people there !

I knoooow, it took me a whole month to write this post ! But it’s kind of complicated, you know ? Anyway, here’s my recap !

  • Friday December 1st

I met two authors during their autograph sessions : Nine Gorman , a French booktuber who published her first book earlier this year and Manon Fargetton, another French author. There were both super nice !  I bought 3 books that day and we visited the whole fair. It was crowded, mainly with children since it was a free entrance day, it was a perfect school trip. Anyway, the event was so HUGE ! There were a lot of publishers, a lot I didn’t know at all. I spent a lot of time at Bragelonne’s stand but also on Albin Michel’s and Robert Laffont’s. I met Crouton from Palace Of Books. He’s a booktuber and we crossed paths multiple times during this fair ! I also got to meet Lyne from LyneObsessions again.

  • Saturday December 2nd

Another day, but same plan. Again, I mainly stayed at Bragelonne’s haha ! I bought 3 books and got one for free. I went to 2 autograph sessions : Manon Fargetton (yes, twice in 2 days haha) and Olivier Gay. I was finally able to meet Cindy from Just_cindyb ! We’ve been talking on twitter for years now but we never met ! I also met Treky. He’s another French booktuber and guess what ? We talked about books haha !

I was so glad to meet fellow booklovers ! It’s probably what I enjoyed the most ! I really had an amazing time !





Hello lovelies ! It’s that time of the week ! TWIB is a weekly meme hosted by Lipsyy Lost & found ! (But you already know that, unless you’ve been living in a cave for the last months… or years haha)

Anyway, let’s start, shall we ?

twib now 40

I am currently reading 2 books ! First, Les Talons Hauts Rapprochent Les Filles Du Ciel by Olivier Gay. I’m a little more than 50 pages in and really liking it so far.
I also started Feral Sins (Trey Coleman), the first book in a series called Phoenix Pack (La Meute du Phoenix) by Suzanne Wright. I’m almost half way through it and also really enjoying it !

twib 40 then

Last week I was reading The Winner’s Kiss, the final book in The Winner’s trilogy by Marie Rutkoski ! I LOVED it ! It ends perfectly this wonderful and amazing trilogy !

twib next 40

Next I was planning on rereading The V Girl by Mya Robarts. But I suddenly decided to go away for a few days, and I will be traveling by train for hours. So bringing physical books isn’t the most practical… I’ll probably bring my kindle. Which is why my next read will probably be one of these two e books : Le Sang Sur La Lame, the first book in a series (duology?) called Les Epées De Glace by Olivier Gay or L’Héritage Des Rois-Passeurs by Manon Fargetton ! But first, I need to finish my two current reads haha !

That’s it, what are you currently reading ??



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHello lovelies !! How are you ? I know I’m really late but here is my June book haul ! I got two physical books sent or given by the authors. But I bought a lot of e books !

Physical books :

  • The V Girl by Mya Robarts. I read this book last year and really loved it !
  • Les Talons Hauts Rapprochent Les Filles Du Ciel by Olivier Gay. I heard so many great things about this author ! And you’ll see more of his books in my haul haha !

E books

  • Le Ballet Des Ombres (Les Chroniques de Hallow #1) by Marika Gallman
  • La Main De L’Empereur by Olivier Gay
  • Le Sang Sur La Lame (Les Epées De Glace #1). Yep 3 books by this author haha !
  • Un Beau Jour Peut-être/ Someday, Someday Maybe by Lauren Graham. I wanted to give that one a try
  • Baiser De Sang/ Blood Kiss (L’Héritage De La Dague Noire / Black Dagger Legacy) by J.R. Ward. I still need to finish the Black Dagger series first though.
  • Lucas (Les Loups De Riverdance #1) by H.V. Gavriel
  • L’Héritage Des Rois-Passeurs by Manon Fargetton. I heard so many great things about that one !
  • Ephémère/ Wither (Le Dernier Jardin/ The Chemical Garden #1) by Lauren Destefano.

The reason I got so many e books is quite simple : the publishers made a huge sale ! That’s why they’re all in French. I’ll probably end up buying some of them in physical copies though, if I really enjoy them !

That’s it ! what did you buy in June ?




book haul part 2 june 2016

Hello lovelies ! I hope you’re all having a wonderful week end ! Today I’m gonna show you the second part of my monthly book haul : the ebooks !

I bought 7 e books this month ! Most of them are in French though, from a French publisher called Bragelonne. They made an amazing sale ! But don’t worry, I’ll put the English titles too !

I’m gonna start with the only e book that isn’t in French : Justice Buried by Hilarie Thompson, the first book in the Starbright series ! It’s published by Oftomes publishing and it was free !

Now for the other books :

  • Plaisir Déchaîné / Pleasure Unbound by Larissa Ione, the first book in the Demonica series.
  • La Meilleure Chose Qui Me Soit (jamais) Arrivée / The Best Thing That Never Happened To Me by Laura Tait.
  • Trey Coleman / Feral Sins by Suzanne Wright, the first book in a series called Phoenix Pack (La Meute Du Phénix).
  • Esclave Des Sens / Slave To Sensation by Nalini Singh, the first book in her Psy-Changeling series.
  • Blackmoore by Julianne Donaldson
  • L’Appel De La Lune / Moon Called by Patricia Briggs, the first book in the Mercy Thompson series.


That’s all guys ! But combined with the physical books, it’s one of my biggest hauls ! Oopsie not sorry !

Have you read any of these ?