Hello lovelies ! Today I’m sharing my April TBR ! I plan on reading 5 books this month, 4 physical books and one e book.

Let’s start, shall we ?

  • Legendary by Stephanie Garber. I’ve read Caraval in March and absolutely LOVED it ! So I hope this one will live up to my expectations !
  • Poison Study by Maria V. Snyder. I’m currently reading that one but I’m barely a few chapters in. I’ve been wanting to read that one for so long !
  • Carry On, by Rainbow Rowell
  • The Witcher, Sword Of Destiny by Andrzej Sapkowski.

E book : Return To The Caves by J.S. Fields. I’ve read and really enjoyed the two previous books so I really need to read that one !

That’s it ! What are you planning on reading during April ?





Hello lovelies ! I know it has been a long time since I posted a TWIB post ! This Week In Books is a weekly meme hosted by Lipsyy.

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I am currently reading The Wicked King by Holly Black. I’m really enjoying it so far ! The previous book, The Cruel Prince was one of my favorite reads last year and this one seems to take the same path !

Last week I was reading Caraval by Stephanie Garber and I absolutely LOVED it ! I need to buy the sequel ASAP !!

Next, I plan on reading Return To The Caves by J.S. Fields. It’s the final book in The Source trilogy ! The author kindly send me this book as he did with the two previous ones and I cannot thank him enough for that !

That’s it ! What are you currently reading ?



The Isle Of BrigadoonThe Isle Of Brigadoon
Author : J.S Fields
Series : The Source
Genre : Fantasy
Publication : February 1st 2017 by Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

Synopsis : After narrowly escaping the evil Source – Ambrose, discovering her mother was alive, and finally moving the Center of Magic. Reese finds herself on a floating island surrounded by yet another Source – Eva, with an ancient city of untold mysteries lying behind a magic wall. Still, for all she and her friends have found, they have lost their friend, Em to Ambrose, after a betrayal by one of their own.

Now, Ambrose intends to gather the forces of darkness to make a final assault on Reese and take the Center of Magic, the one thing he requires to destroy the world, and remake it as he sees fit.

Hope grows dim with every passing moment, and a strange prophecy warns of death, if Em is saved. What price would you pay for a friend’s life?


I was sent this book in exchange for an honest review. Thank you again !
This is the second book in The Source series. I read the first book a year and a half ago.


The first book was sometimes slow paced to allow the author to set the scene, the world and introduce the characters.
This book is far from being slow paced, it’s gripping, witty and really interesting !

If you dwell on the pain of the past you will find that it is the pain of your future.

I really enjoyed Brigadoon. I was particularly curious about this special place, I wished they stayed longer haha ! The eerie atmosphere, the new characters, it was really great ! I really enjoyed the chapters taking place at Brigadoon. And let’s be honest, I was dreading the next confrontation between Reese and Ambrose.

Said confrontation was far from what I was expecting ! There’s blood, betrayal and multiple fights.

All books are magical, whether they are enchanted or not.

I really enjoyed reading this book ! It’s well written and you can’t help but want to find out how Reese and her friends will survive the next obstacle life will throw in their way !


  • Reese is now way stronger than ever. But she needs to learn how to wield her power properly.
  • Erik is solely focused on getting Em back. It got on my nerves to be honest. I understand how difficult it must be but still, there’s so much to achieve and he needs to stay focused !
  • Eva is a strangely interesting character ! She is mysterious and a great guide for Reese and her friends.
  • Quinn was such a comic relief ! He is one of my favorite characters, he made me laugh so much !
  • Dani is such a fierce warrior. I really appreciate her.

4 stars


About the author

JS FieldsJ.S. Fields is a YA author. He is from Kentucky – born and raised. He is an Engineer by day and fiction writer by night. He also has an unhealthy obsession with all things post-apocalyptic.

Author of debut novel: Center of Magic and now the sequel entitled: The Isle of Brigadoon.


May 2017 wrap up

Hello lovelies ! It’s time for me to share my shameful monthly wrap up with you guys ! I finished a total of …2 books and one manga this month. yep.

I finished A Court Of Mist And Fury by Sarah J. Maas ! I LOVED LOVED LOVED this book !! I gave it 5 stars ! It took me ages to read it though. Taking care of my home, working and well… socializing. It was difficult to spare some time for my books !

I also finished The Isle Of Brigadoon by J.S. Fields. I was sent this book in exchange for an honest review. I read the first book like 1 year and a half ago and enjoyed it. Well I liked this one much more ! I gave it 4 stars !

I also read a manga : Nana vol. 2 ! In fact, it’s a reread haha ! I gave it 4 stars.

And that’s all guys ! Though I also made a pretty decent dent into A Court Of Wings And Ruin ! What have you read this month ?


Author : J. S. FieldsSeries : The Source series
Genres : Young Adult, Fantasy
Publication : October 15th 2015 (self published)

I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

Goodreads’ synopsis : Thirty years ago a spell was cast that exploded the magic in those who wielded the power and millions were consumed by fire. Countries and Governments that had grown dependent on wizards for the new arms race were left floundering and confused. Tensions rose and bled into World War III, and the world was broken by the global bombardment. Magic was thought lost forever.

Reese, a young girl of only fifteen, knows the stories and the lore. She has grown comfortable with life in the miles of caverns that make up Mammoth Cave. When Tereo, a wise traveler, arrives to weave a tale of history and fact, the pulse inside her screams out that she is meant for more. Tereo knows that Reese is the only one that can help him perform an unimaginable task. Together, along with her cousin Erik and her friend, Emily, the ragtag team set off to move the Center of Magic – and stop the gathering evil from destroying the final spark.

Dangers, both magical and mundane assault them from all sides. New faces and allies find them while betrayal lurks close. It is a journey of fantastical determination, one that sweeps this group into heights none could dream of before and into the very depths of despair.

Pulling from our own past and myths, this is an alternative history that combines lore, legend, current fiction and popular mythos to create a tale unlike any you’ve read before.

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I enjoyed this book. The plot is pretty interesting. Danger, betrayal, feelings, you can find all of these in this book ! It’s an epic quest, where they will learn who they really are.
I really like the idea that a wizard/sorcerer needs a Source. I’ve never read a book where the warlock would need a Source next to him in order to throw a spell ! It’s unique and really interesting.

I also really enjoyed the characters.
– Reese is a really nice main character. She can act like a little princess sometimes, but it only adds to her charm.
– Emily may be my favorite character. I think she is the strongest, because she doesn’t have any magical power and yet she has followed them. In my opinion, she is really badass!

I really like their posse. In a way, it made me think of some video games. The sorcerer, the healer, the wise man …
They all have a nice development throughout the book.

They were also things that I didn’t like.
First, the characters’ inner thoughts. Sometimes, I felt like it was too out of the blue. Maybe it was made on purpose, but it bothered me at times.
I also would have liked to read more about the world. I hope we will read more about it in the sequel !

The cliffhanger was good, I wasn’t expecting it at all ! I will probably read the sequel, I wanna what will happen to these lovely characters !

Overall, I enjoyed reading this book ! It’s a quick read, with an original vision of the magical world !

3 stars

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About the author

JS FieldsJ.S. Fields is a YA author. He is from Kentucky – born and raised. He is an Engineer by day and fiction writer by night. He also has an unhealthy obsession with all things post-apocalyptic.

His debut novel entitled – Center of Magic will be released on October 15th, 2015.