Shadowhunters 2

Hello everyone ! Today I’m gonna talk about Blood Calls To Blood, the eleventh episode.

I was surprised to see that this episode was closer to the books than the previous ones. It was a rather good surprise.
To be honest, the big plot twist I saw coming. Since last week’s episode haha !

I don’t have a lot to say about this episode. The plot was okay, even though Renwick’s battle was supposed to be an epic one. It’s the final battle of City Of Bones, after all ! But the way they made was okay somehow. It worked, in my opinion !
All the most important things were here :

  • Jace’s doubts
  • Jocelyn being found
  • Jace and Clary finding out that they’re actually brother and sister.

I also noticed that Kat’s acting was better in this episode ! And so was Dominic’s. I hope that it will be that way from now on !
I was glad that we got to see Raphael again ! I really appreciate this character, which was not the case with the Raphael from the book !

As you can see, I don’t have as many issues with this episode as I had with the previous ones. My only regret is about the Renwick’s battle, as I said earlier.

I still found Izzie’s trial useless, though. But it didn’t bother me. I got used to the idea that the TV show is not the exact copy of the book.

Now, I cannot wait for next week’s episode ! It’s called Malec ! I’ve really enjoyed all the Malec scenes so far, so yeah, I’m expecting a good episode haha !

What about you ? Did you enjoy this episode ?




Shadowhunters 2

Hello everyone ! I hope you’re all having a great week end ! Today I’m gonna talk about This World Inverted, the tenth Shadowhunters’ episode. But first : the show has been renewed and I’m glad about it ! It will allow the show to become better ! Hopefully the CGI will get better haha !

I don’t really know what to think about this episode to be honest. It’s partly due to the fact that it’s difficult for me to separate the show from the books.

Let’s start with what I liked. I found interesting the idea of that parallel dimension. After all, parallel dimensions exist in the books series. It’s just that we get to learn about it way later !
This parallel world is like Clary’s perfect life. She has her two parents that are madly in love, she is dating the gorgeous Jace, and has wonderful friends. All is for the best.

I also enjoyed seeing more of Meliorn. He is an interesting character !
Another character I like is Izzie. I talked about Simon, Luke and Raphael, but Emeraude’s acting is also on point now ! I had a hard time with her Izzie at the beginning of the show but now I think she got Isabelle’s spirit !

But there were things I didn’t like.
First, the CGI. OMG, those portals were so awful !! I hope the series will have its budget raised because come on !

I also had an issue with the very last scene. Jace’s dad. I know that the TV show isn’t always following the TMI story line but it’s a key part for the first 3 books ! I was hoping that we would see it the way it was in the books. They did the same thing than they did in the movie. And I’m really not okay with that.

That’s all for this week’s episode !


What are your thoughts ?


Shadowhunters 2


Hello everyone ! How was your week end ? Mine was calm, this time ! Anyway, I’m here to talk about the ninth episode of Shadowhunters, which is called Rise up.

In my opinion this is the episode that totally separates the books and the TV show. So many things that happened in this book were not okay with the spirit of the TMI series, in my opinion.

First, there’s the rebellion against the Clave. Izzy and Jace teaming up against their institute in order to free Meliorn. The way Lydia acted reminded me of the Inquisitor in City Of Ashes. But in the book the “rebellion” has for aim to free Jace, not a faery. Moreover, what Lydia is doing is somehow breaking the Accords, in my opinion.

The second thing that bothered me was the Alec/ Jace fight. I mean WHAT THE HELL. You cannot make these two fight, they’re parabatai for God’s sake ! It’s against the meaning of their bond ! Also, the whole “Jace knows about Alec’s feelings” isn’t the best idea they ever had. In the book, Jace doesn’t know about it (or maybe I forgot something? that’s possible) and that’s for the best. Now it changes the whole dynamic to their duo.

The last thing I want to talk about is Simon and Clary who are taking refuge at the Hôtel Dumort. Which leads to Simon swearing allegiance to Raphael…  I don’t know how I feel about it. This will also change a lot of things to the story line.

Anyway, that being said, I found this episode quite good. The Malec scenes broke my heart and made me laugh at the same time.
David Castro and Alberto Rosende’s acting are really great in this episode.

So yeah, somehow I enjoy the show, it’s just that from now on, I’ll have to think about it as a parallel story to the books’ one.
Also, I’m curious to see if the TV show will be renewed.

What did you think ? Did you enjoy it ?



Shadowhunters 2

Hello everyone ! I know, I know, I’m late…AGAIN. But here are my thoughts on the Shadowhunters’ eighth episode called Bad Blood. (Is anyone else having Taylor Swift’s song in mind or am I the only one ? haha )

I don’t really know what to think about this episode, to be honest. There were things that I enjoyed and other that I found cringe-worthy.

Let’s start with the positive things ! First, I really enjoyed the story around Simon’s state. The whole thing was well brought. Clary had a really though decision to make and tried to decide what would be best for her very best friend. And Alberto Rosende’s acting is pretty brilliant in that last scene. That was also how I pictured Raphaël so yeah I really enjoyed these scenes.
I also thought that the way they brought the Forsaken to life was great. I loved Hodge scene.
Alec’s behavior was also something I enjoyed watching in this episode. I loved the way he opened up to Lydia Branwell.
I think that creating the character of Lydia was a good thing. It will lead to some funny situations ! But the highlight of this episode, in my opinion, was Magnus Bane. I laughed so much ! I hope he won’t get too heart broken…

And now… The things I didn’t like.
First, Kat’s bad acting is back. I didn’t bought her distress or her sadness… Which is a shame because I really wanted to.
Isabelle being a medical examiner… Like come on ! I understand that shadowhunters are highly educated but medical skills that complicated ? It’s not realistic.
Another thing that bothered me was how Jace and Clary acted like a couple. come on, you just kissed once ! Oh and let’s not forget how lamely Jace told the faulcon story…

As far as I’m concerned I have mixed feelings toward this episode. Hopefully the next one will be better  !
Also, shouldn’t we already know about the show’s future ?

What about you ? Did you like it ?





Shadowhunters 2

Hello my lovelies ! I am late again but here I am ! I just finished the second episode ! I wanted to share my thoughts with you guys !

Last week, in my post I said that the show could get better and probably would. Well it did !! I enjoyed this second episode much more than the first one !
It was more fast paced, the dialogues were better in my opinion and I had been able to dive into the story this time. I also had less problems with some actors’ performances. Dominic Sherwood will probably be a pretty good Jace. He just needs a few more episodes. And I found Clary a little less annoying ! I still think Kat is overacting though.

I absolutely ADORE Simon ! He is so funny ! I enjoyed the banters and witty comments ! And I really appreciated the Sizzy scenes !
The plot was pretty good. I really enjoy the changes they made. It brings something new and unexpected to this show, for those who’ve read the books. I was just shocked with Hodge. I wasn’t expecting this at all haha ! He is way more hot than I pictured him ! I also think that the changes done about him are interesting. I’m pretty sure it will lead to something great in the future.
The silent brothers frightened me, way more than the ones from the movie.
Now what I would like is more Magnus Bane. I hope we’ll get to see him more in the next episodes !
Also, I forgot to talk about it last week but I am under the impression that they re used some of the movie items : the tarot cards, for example !

I think that’s all. I am still not loving it but I’m starting to like it more than I thought possible !

And you ? Did you like it ?



ruby red movieRuby Red (Rubinrot)
Directed by Felix fusschteiner
Released in March 2013

I read the Ruby Red trilogy almost 2 years ago. I really enjoyed these books, they’re really great ! I plan on re reading them, probably in 2016. That’s why you won’t find any reviews for these on my blog nor on my goodreads page.

So if you haven’t heard of this great trilogy, you can read Ruby Red’s synopsis here. About the story, I’m just gonna say a few words : London, time travel and a witty main character.

I watched this movie twice. The first time, it was in German with french subtitles and the second, dubbed in french.
I really enjoyed this movie. As far as I remember the book’s story, they did change a few things, but otherwise it was really similar.

I think the actors were really well chosen. Maria Ehrich is an amazing Gwen Sheperd and Jannis Niewöhner is also a great Gideon de Villiers. That’s pretty how I imagined them so that’s nice. In fact, I think all the casting was well chosen.

The settings are gorgeous. Well, since it takes place in London, I’m probably not being objective. (you all know my love for London, right ?) I like that you get to see it nowadays and how it was many years ago. That was really interesting. Same thing goes for the clothing ! So funny to see them dressed for another time.

Now about the plot. As I said before, I read the book two years ago. So I forgot a lot of things, naturally.
But it’s a lot similar and I do appreciate it. I think it’s a good movie adaptation.

Now, I have Sapphire Blue in blu ray, I just need to find time to watch it !

polka dots bar small

Have you read this book ? Did you like it ? What are your thoughts on the movie adaptation ?


the mortal instruments movieThe Mortal Instruments : City Of Bones
Directed by Harald Zwart
Released in August 2013

I know I know, it’s a book blog and I’m posting two articles about movies in a row.
But since the casting for The Shadowhunters TV show has been announced (at least for the main roles), I wanted to post my opinion about this movie.

I absolutely loved the book. I won’t post a review about it anytime soon but I will eventually.
It’s needless to say that I was beyond excited to finally watch this movie adaptation. Well.

First thing first, the casting. I really liked it, nothing to criticize about it.
Lily Collins was a great Clary Fray.  She is a great actress and I really like her work in this movie.
Same thing for Jamie Campbell Bower. Splendid Jace. Made me discover a brilliant artist (his music is really great). Robert Sheehan as Simon was my favorite. He did such a great job ! I couldn’t have wished for a better Simon !

Kevin Zegers, Godfrey Gao and Jemima West were also great castings.

The universe was well built, too. Kind of creepy and pretty disgusting demons, and very gothic shadowhunters.

Now for the less pleasant part : the synopsis.
Why did they have to make so many changes ?! I mean, okay, I got it, they had to spoil the watchers about the end of the third book, because of the content rated. That I could understand, even if it’s such a waste.
But that change about the end ? The mortal cup ? What’s the point ? The second movie was scheduled. How would they have explained that plot change ? I was so upset about it !!!

So I enjoyed the movie, because I’m not that difficult, but I didn’t like it that much. I was disappointed.

Now, I am kind of afraid about the Shadowhunters TV show being aired on ABC Family. I hope they will be more faithful to the story.
I’ll post my opinion about the cast later !


the lightning thief moviePercy Jackson & The Olympians : The Lightning thief
Directed by Chris Colombus
Released in February 2010.

Welcome to this new category ; I will talk to about book to movie or book to TV shows adaptations.

I’m gonna start with this movie, since I first saw it 4 days ago.

I heard and read so many meh reviews about this movie; I was expecting something really bad. That wasn’t the case. Yeah, the movie is far from being as good as the book, but it’s still an entertaining movie. It wasn’t as funny as the book, and the synopsis was different from the book story sometimes but still. they mixed two characters in one, they made some changes that in my opinion weren’t always necessary but didn’t really damaged the story.

Obviously I wished it had been more faithful to the book. I always do.

Now, I hope to be able to watch the Sea Of Monsters, too.