Hello lovelies ! I’m back with my new category here, aka bookstagram ! Today I wanna share with you guys some tips I’ve learned since I started my bookstagram account years ago.

But first of all, disclaimer : I am for from being a big account nor a professional photographer so this post is based on my experience only !

the background

First of all, the background ! I’m gonna talk about what I personally like, and I know I’m not the only one. But bright and light background is better. Of course, I also know accounts, beautiful ones, with dark backgrounds but honestly bright and light photos are more loved.
And it’s easy to understand why ! Bringing light to a photo is very important and somehow gives life to it !

You can also use textured background of course ! it brings depth to your photo and alternating between different backgrounds is important to me. I like it when a feed has an identity but also a diversity when it comes to backgrounds or accessories.

I noticed I got more likes when I started using two big white sheets of thick paper as a background. Sometimes I add scarves or plaids and make a contrast between the white part and the textured part.

the lighting

Another important thing is the lighting. For that one I am still depending on the weather. For the natural light it’s important you observe the best moment during the day to take your photos : enough light but not enough to create shadows on your shot.

During my days off, I dedicate the end of the morning to my photoshoots. That’s when the light is enough to have a bright photo. And there are fewer shadows. I will probably buy some soft box later this year so I can take photos whenever I want !
Of course you can modify your photos thanks to softwares but it’s easier when the lighting is good on the initial shot !

That’s it for today ! I hope you liked that post ! I know it’s quite different from what I’m usually posting but I really enjoyed writing that one !





Hello lovelies ! It’s time for my weekly recap ! This Week In Books is a weekly meme hosted by Lipsyy Lost & Found.

twib now 45

I am currently reading 2 books : Lords Of Shadows by Cassandra Clare, the second book in The Dark Artifices series and Dark Triumph by Robin LaFevers, second book in His Fair Assassin trilogy. I’m enjoying both of these, even though I’ve barely started Dark Triumph !

twib then 45

Last week I was already reading Lord Of Shadows by Cassandra Clare. It’s a huge book and I want to savor it !

twib next 45

Next I’ll probably start Nothing More by Anna Todd. These past weeks I’ve read a lot of fantasy so a romance book would be nice !
But I also want to pick Our Dark Duet by Victoria Schwab. This is the second part of Monsters Of Verity duology.

That’s it ! What are you currently reading ?



Hello lovelies ! How is your week so far ? Mine is okay ! Anyway, it’s time for a Top Ten Tuesday ! TTT is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke And The Bookish.

Today’s theme is Top Ten Books On My Fall TBR .

Fall is my favorite season and I can finally read, wrapped in a fluffy blanket and drinking hot tea ! So without further ado, let’s start this Top Ten Tuesday !

  • Strange The Dreamer by Laini Taylor. I got this book in the March FairyLoot’s box and I still haven’t read it !! I loved the Daughter Of Smoke And Bone trilogy !
  • Our Dark Duet by Victoria Schwab, the last book in the Monsters Of Verity duology. I can’t wait to read that book but I’m also scared as hell !
  • Empire Of Storms by Sarah J. Maas, the 5th book in the Throne Of Glass series. I am always late because I collect the US paperbacks editions haha !
  • Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs ! I think it’s a perfect pick for the month of October !!
  • Legend by Marie Lu and the whole trilogy. I heard so many great things about this author and I really want to read her work !
  • The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan. So far I’ve only read the Percy Jackson And The Olympians series and LOVED it !
  • Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. I’ve heard amazing things about that one too !
  • Nothing More by Anna Todd. I miss her world, her characters !
  • The Bronze Horseman, by Paullina Simons. I’ve wanted to read that book for ages but lately it has been the subject of many critics so I want to read it and make my own opinion !
  • Without Merit by Colleen Hoover. This one hasn’t been released yet but I can’t wait to get my hands on it !!

That’s it ! What’s on your Fall TBR ?


Directed by Christian Ditter
Released in October 2014

I am so happy I finally watched this movie. I read the book a few years ago, you can read my review here. Since I read it a long time ago, the story kind of blurred in my mind. And I think it’s for the best because the movie is slightly different than the book. The story stays the same, but with minor changes. For a start, the circumstances for Alex’s departure for the US aren’t the same. To be honest, it didn’t bother me at all ! I really loved this movie. The only “negative” thing I have to say is that we kind of lost their written relationship. Now, I understand that it’s almost impossible to put it into a movie and they still managed it for the key moments, though. But I kind of missed it nonetheless.

I have nothing negative to say about the cast, they were all great ! Rosie is played by Lily Collins that is an actress that I admire. She gives life perfectly to a confused Rosie, because life has been harsh on her.
Alex is played by the marvelous Sam Claflin. I really love that actor. Unforgettable Will Traynor in the fabulous Me Before You, I totally forgot Will and just saw Alex ! The rest of the cast was great too !
Katie is played by Lily laight and she is sooo adorable !

Overall I really enjoyed this movie !



Bookish Merch Haul

Hello everyone ! A few months ago, I posted my first bookish merch haul a few months ago. It’s time for a second round !

I got 3 wooden bookmarks from Inkandwonder . From left to right :

  • This cutie is inspired by the After series by Anna Todd !
  • This gorgeous piece is a quote from A Court Of Mist And Fury an I love it so freaking much !
  • This one is inspired by Harry Potter : a famous quote and a wand !

I also got some bookish tattoos from BookMark’d Tattoos :

  • The big one is Feyre’s tattoo and I can’t wait to wear that one and make a wonderful photoshoot haha !
  • the Angelic rune from the Shadowhunters’ universe
  • The deathly Hallows sign
  • the last one is from the Strange The Dreamer’s cover !

That’s it ! What do you think of this kind of bookish merch ?






Hello lovelies ! It’s time for a TTT ! Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke And The Bookish.

Today’s theme is top ten books I read during my first blogging year !

  • Vicious by V.E. Schwab. This book, guys ! You need to read it !
  • A Darker Shade Of Magic, also by V.E. Schwab !
  • The Titan’s Curse by Rick Riordan. I started reading this series before I decided to launch my blog but the whole series could fit here !
  • DragonFly In Amber by Diana Gabaldon. It took me so long to read but in the end it was totally worth it !


  • Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour by Morgan Matson. I really enjoyed that one and found it so original !
  • All Broke Down by Cora Carmack, the second book in the Rusk University series ! I loved it so much !
  • The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson, the first book in the Mistborn trilogy. It’s such an amazing read !
  • November 9 by Colleen Hoover. Now, it’s the first book that made me feel so angry. About the story, about the author, about everything. But I ended up loving it nonetheless !
  • A Gathering Of Shadows, the second book in the Shades Of Magic trilogy by V.E. Schwab.
  • Me Before You by Jojo Moyes. To put it in a few words, this book changed my life.


That’s it ! What’s on your TTT this week ?





the emperor's new clothes tag

Hello everyone ! It has been SO LONG since I made a tag ! But guess what ? I’m back in the game ! I was tagged by Kat from lifeandotherdisasters to do the emperor’s new clothes book tag !

“YOUR MAJESTY, THIS IS A MAGIC SUIT” – An overhyped book that promised to be *something more*

the book thief

Okay, don’t yell at me please. But The Book Thief was a DNF for me.
I was expecting SO MUCH of this book !

And yet, the POV was too cold for my taste…That’s why I decided to put it down and I never picked it up again !
Nonetheless, I know this is a greatly loved book.


“SOMEBODY SEND FOR THE QUEEN” – A love interest that wasn’t called for


Zedd, in the After series by Anna Todd.
Seriously, guy, when did you think you had any chance ?!

I really LOVED this series, but this love interest, nah.
Which reminds me that I need to read Nothing More ! It’s a my September TBR.

“THE DOUBLET IS A LOVELY SHADE OF GREEN” – A book that seduced you with its cover (that you ended up disliking)


Fallen by Lauren Kate. Well maybe not the first book. I bought itbecause of the gothic vibes on the cover. I bought the sequels and I even finished reading the whole series. But to be honest I kind of forced myself to do it. I wasn’t enjoying it anymore !

Did you read it ?

“SUMMON THE COURT TO CONVENE” – A book where you were swayed by public opinion



I have to make the same answer than Kat : Twilight by Stephenie Meyer.
I LOVED these books when I read it many yeas ago. And I still love it. But I wouldn’t dare reread it now because my opinion would be tainted by all the negative things I read and heard about this series.

So yep.


“LOOK AT THE THE KING! LOOK AT THE KING, THE KING, THE KING!” – A stark raving mad book that just boggles the mind


Vicious by V.E. Schwab.
I won’t talk about this book, but you know my love for this book, or at least I hope you do !

It’s an unique read and I can only highly recommend it !


“IT’S ALTOGETHER THE VERY LEAST THE KING HAS EVER WORN” – A tropey get up you’ve seen before that probably needs redressing (aka a trope you’re bored with seeing)

The love triangle. blah. Unless it’s particularly well written, it bores the hell out of me now.

“SUMMON THE COURT PHYSICIAN! CALL AN INTERMISSION!” – A book that needs medical attention aka a rewrite

Maybe Fallen by Lauren Kate.

“IT’S ALTOGETHER THE VERY LEAST THE KING HAS EVER WORN” –  There’s no hiding for this one: a book that is just nakedly bad

I don’t have a specific book in mind for that one !

BONUS: “HIS MAJESTY IS WIDE OPEN TO RIDICULE AND SCORN”- Something (anything) that astounds you with its popularity

I mean I like it too, but it’s too much, on every radio, everytime ! Stop it already, summer is over hahaha !


That’s it ! I hope you enjoyed it ! I had so much fun aswering these questions !

I tag thee :

Chelsea @ romweasley

Trang @ bookidote

Meggy @ chocolatenwaffles