Hello lovelies ! It has been a VERY long time since I posted about bookstagram aside posting my pictures.
But today I want to talk about something that has been really bothering and the whole bookstagram community.

the algorithm

I don’t remember when exactly but somewhere around two years ago, Instagram decided to change its algorithm. Instead of showing the posts by posting hours, it shows you posts that you’re most likely to interact with. Which means that smaller accounts are less likely to appear into your feed. But let’s be clear : everyone has been suffering from this algorithm. Small accounts as b  igger ones. All have witnessed a huge drop of likes, comments. And everyone has been losing followers.

I’m not gonna deny it, seeing a post barely reaching 50 likes while you put so much work and heart into it, well… It’s not really motivating. Not at all. I thought a lot about stoping my bookstagram account. But I really enjoy taking shots of my books so for now I’m staying.





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